Monday, April 16, 2018


Bautismo de Flor!

It is still weird thinking that Colt is back haha. 

This last week was pretty good. They closed an area here in my zone so we had to take everything out and store it. 
We were talking with an investigator we have here and all of a sudden he said it was his birthday. So I invited him to go some cheeseburgers haha . We went and it was really good. After he thanked us for celebrating his birthday with him. He is not married and does not have family, like no one, and he told us that was the first time celebrating his birthday for 10 years or so. he is 44 years old. He's a really good guy with a crazy story. 
I went to Flors baptism! it was really good and i could tell she was super prepared. Glad I was able to teach her about the gospel. 

Love and miss all of you!! 
Siempre Sonreír :) 




Monday, April 9, 2018


Happy Birthday MOM!

Just to say Happy Birthday to the coolest mom EVER again haha. 
Super crazy that Colt is now home! Still can't believe it!  

Anyways, Elder Hernandez and I are working well together. We are finding some good people to teach. We passed Flor to the other Elders because she moved houses.... but she is going to be baptized this Saturday! I can't wait to go to it! 
We found a guy that has listened to the missionaries before and he knows more than the members about the gospel I swear haha. He wants to be baptized but he is not married. There are a lot of cases like that in Mexico. It's just normal not to get married even if they have like 5 kids together. 

We met a guy that plays guitar super well! He has a cool story. He plays in a band also. 

We went bowling today, first time in the mission. I did alright. My arm kinda hurts but it's all good haha. 

That's about it. Miss and Love all of you 
Siempe Sonreír :) 
Sea feliz, Sea mormon. 

Sorry no pics this week :(

Monday, April 2, 2018


Me falta 3 cambios

Hello family! 

This is going to be a short letter because I just don't have time haha. 
This last week was pretty hard because it was Semana Santa. Holy week here and the people didn't want anything. 
I am staying in my area and I'm with Elder Hernandez from Acapulco. The one I was in a trio with. 
Conference was GREAT I hope you all listened to it. I want you guys to listen to it again even. 

Flor as always is doing great. She will be baptized in 2 weeks. Super crazy that Colt will be home this week!  And I only have 4 months left. 

Love and miss all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Siempre Sonreír  :) 

Monday, March 26, 2018


Por Fin Blanca Fue a la Capilla

This week has been petty good! It is hard working in 2 areas at once but we divided the days up and it worked out for us. Busy days for sure! The trio is going good. We are getting used to it. 

We had the Zone conference. It went good and our class went smooth also. Blanca is progressing very well!! She said that she knows the Book of Mormon is true and she wants to be baptized. She finally came to church also!! Her baptism is scheduled for the 21 of April. 
We have met a lot of people this last week that told us they want to make a lot of changes in their lives. So I'm excited to help them. 
Flor is also progressing a lot!! She has been to church many times and she will be baptized the 14 of April. She just moved tho.. but to the area right next to mine that we share the same church building haha. so that's fine. 

This is the last week of the transfer so I will probably have a new companion next week. 

And congrats to Isabelle!! 

Love all of you!!! 
Siempre Sonreír :) 


Monday, March 19, 2018


Ya Estoy en Trío

Hello Family, 

Well to start out I will tell you the news that Elder Smith went home and I am now in a trio with some other Elders. 
They are from the area of Tenayuca which is right next to my area. Their names are Elder Brower from Utah and also Elder Hernandez from Acapulco, Mexico. They are good Elders. We are working hard together but it is a little difficult because now we have 2 areas to work in. This will only last for another 2 weeks until transfers. 

We have found some really prepared people this week. One listened to the missionaries like 20 years ago and now is super interested in our message. 

This last Sunday I also had to give a talk haha. It was about missionary work. I talked for about 20 minutes. Giving talks in Spanish is a lot easier, I'm scared for my homecoming talk haha. 

Also we are going to have a zone conference tomorrow and Elder Humpiri and I prepared a class for it. It is going to be very good... I hope... ha. But it is about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ Blesses and unifies familias. I came up with a cool actividad to do with it. 

We had a lesson with a very interesting person the other day. When we went to go look for him he was hiding from us because he was drinking but one of his friends ratted him out haha so we went to his house to talk. He was not drunk, he was on his first beer but he kept talking in English to us. At the end he said that he wants to go to church with us so we will see how that goes. 

Love all of you!! 
Siempre Sonreír :) 
The Gospel is a Gospel of Joy, Enjoy it.  

Monday, March 12, 2018



Hey family! 

To tell the truth not much has happend this past week. 
We had a lesson with a new investigator and she said that she did not feel the need to congregate to our church. We talked a little more on why she felt like that and I gave her an analogy which is, "Many people are content with eating bread their whole life, it is good and it will fill you up, but what if someone offers you a cake. Many people don't feel the need to eat the cake, they have bread, but this cake is super delicious and the only way to know that it is, is by trying it. " The cake is the gospel and just think of what you are missing out on by not trying this cake. 

Also we saw this girl at church that had been going to church since I've been in this area, which is 3 weeks, and they told us she is not a member. So we talked to her and will start teaching her. The best contact are when they are at church haha. 

My companion is going home this week. Random fact- he taught me how to juggle so that is cool. 

Just the normal mission life. 
Love you guys! 
Siempre Sonríen! :) 


Monday, March 5, 2018


Me falta 5 meses

This week the zone leaders had to give the district meeting classes. It was pretty good. It was that repentance has everything to do with what we do. 

We had a lesson with Blanca this week and we taught the whole rest of the restoration and I recited the first vision (without reading nor looking at, looking her in the the eyes) and the spirit was so strong in that moment. We later explained the Book of Mormon and says that it makes so much sense and that she is going to read it. Cool experience. 

We had a lesson with "new investigators" turns out that they were baptized 13 years ago and just way inactive haha they said it at the very end of the lesson and caught us off guard. 

I guess this ward was having problems before I got here so that is going to be hard to deal with but I will try to help them. 

My companion is probably going to go home for depression so don't be surprised to see me in a trio next week. 

love all of you!!! 
Siempre Sonríen:)