Monday, January 15, 2018


Only pic I took this week...under the weather too much
Soooooo this was an interesting week. First of all I got pretty sick. I had a fever for about 2-3 days so I had to go to the doctor. He said that I had an infection and gave me some amoxicillin. But don't worry I am getting better but it was hard to not be able to work very much this last week. 
I got my wallet stolen also so that's a bummer. 

We had a lesson with Juan Olvera, our next baptism, and he is solid. He told us that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true and said that he will be baptized on the 25th of January. He is really making a lot of changes in his life and he says he can feel the difference. 

I do not have very many experiences this week due to the fact that I was sick.. but I am excited to get back to work and get things going again.

Sorry for the lame letter but love you all!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Letter from the President

2 Zone Leader

Dear Bastian Family,

We would like to inform you that your son has been assigned to the following area of responsibility in the Mexico City Northwest Mission. He is assigned to work in the Pastora 2 area, within the Cuautepec zone, and his companion is Elder Matos . He is serving as Zone Leader.

Your son has been called to serve as a Zone leader of the mission. He has been given the awesome responsibility of leading up to 30 missionaries in his zone. This is an awesome and humbling responsibility placed upon his shoulders. He shall direct the district meetings, the first week of the month and explain and testify of our mission theme each month. He shall work closely with the district leaders to help every member of the district, to understand the blessings that come through exact obedience. He shall go on divisions with their district leaders to help them refine their finding and teaching skills with the Holy Ghost. As needed, and through the requests of the district leaders, they will go on divisions with any missionaries in his zone to teach and edify the spirit of elders who need encouragement. He will also help me to teach in zone conferences that occur every three months. He is expected to lead through exact obedience and example. Besides all of this, he has his own area of responsibility in which, he is to he is to find, teach love, and testify of the truthfulness of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are prepared to accept this sacred message.

Sister De León and I would like to thank you for your son. He is really working diligently to perform his calling with an eye single to the glory of God. It is truly an honor for us to serve with him. We love him and shall do all we can to care for him. Thank you for entrusting him with us as he serves to invite many to come unto Christ.



 President & Sister De León


Mi sexto cambio en La Pastora!

Quick update on the transfers is that I am STILL staying en La Pastora. This will be my sixth transfer here so I will complete about 8 1/2 months here and 1 year in the same zone of Cuautepec. I am still training Elder Matos. The only change is that I will be no longer a district leader but now I am a Zone Leader. A little bit more of responsibility but it will be fun. 

We had the baptism of Jose de Jesus!!! It was about time, he has known the truth for some time now. Every baptism is a great experience and reassures my testimony. He will be a strong member of the church and I hope that he will go on a mission when he turns 18. He is 17 right now. 

Ramìrez came to visit me today!! and thanks grandma for that gift haha that's awesome! We ate pizza and talked for a while. He is a good person. 

Love and miss you guys!!! 


Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Happy New Year 2018

Super Crazy that it is 2018! 
I really don't have time to write you guys so I'll be short. 

We are going to have this baptism this week! So I'm pretty pumped for that. 

I got food poisoning ...... again....   But now I am doing better just trying to recover.

Love and miss all of you! I'll share with you guys more things next week. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017



Brit's House? NAH..haha

So first of all, it was great to see some of you and talk to you guys. 

I'll share some experiences I have had this Christmas. 
We had an activity at the President's house. We had some activities and I got a new Christmas tie. We ate some good food! 

We did some activities also to try to light the world. We baked some cookies with some members and later in the night we went to people's houses and sang Chrismas songs and gave them cookies. It was fun. 
Also, we wrapped about 35 Book of Mormons and gave them to people. We did this in some interesting ways haha. The first is that we went on a bus and announced that we were giving out free gifts. After that we went to a gas station and the people that pulled in to get gas we would give them a book and talk to them. Lastly we simply hit the streets and gave people books. It was a good experience and I just hope these people read the book and call us haha. 


 We also made brownies with a recent convert "Beatriz" it was her first time eating brownies and she loved it! 

Christmas eve we ate pozole and broke a piñata. 
We watched the movie "COCO" and it was super good! 

We had zone conference. Really good. 
We put a baptismal date for Jose de Jesus Sanchez that's 17 for the 6th of January!!!!! super excited for him! 

Love you guys !!! 

Monday, December 18, 2017


Temple Trip

So to start off I got super sick last Tuesday. Pretty sure it was food poisoning. The whole day suffering haha, but I am good now. 

So we went to the temple with a few investigators to see the lights. We took one family of 7 and another family of 3, one other plus 2 recent converts so that was good!! We did a tour in the visitors center and they were talking a lot about families. I enjoyed it and made me miss you guys a little more haha. The lights were super cool and they had a nice nativity scene. The spirit was really powerful the whole time we were there. 

We did an activity with the young men to "light the world" so we handed out some suckers with cards on them. It turned out alright. I am planning something a little better for this week. 

We were teaching about baptism and they asked us what they need to do to be baptized so that was nice to see the desire that they had to be baptized. 

Cant wait to see you guys for Christmas!!! 
#iluminaelmundo #lighttheworld



Monday, December 11, 2017


Virgin Mary Day

So Today and  tomorrow is the day of the Virgin Mary. Pretty much everyone here in Mexico is Catholic so it's been a little crazy during this time. Almost every night in December we see people saying their prays and singing to the virgin. 

We ate a turkey dinner again with a family and it was amazing and the hermana was kind enough to give us a stocking for Christmas!! full of candy!! 

We have an investigator that has had a lot of problems with his family due to his drinking problems. He told us he wants to change and he has about 4 months without drinking! He his going to progress really fast. Cool to see what  a real desire from the heart can change lives. 

Go and light the world. 
Love you all. 
Siempre Sonreír :)