Monday, May 29, 2017


Just another week in Mexico

So first thing first, we didn't have the baptism this week.... She broke her arm the day before so she was not able to be baptized. 

We worked hard this week and found a lot of new people to teach and my story is about the same as Colt's, that there are not a lot that are interested but we did find some good people this week. 

Not a lot has happened this week just the norm. We played basketball today as usual. It is pretty crazy how Quincie is engaged! that was a surprise. 

Alma 5:26 
If you have felt the spirit in your life and have received these blessings, can you feel it now? 
pretty deep scripture but I like it a lot, says that we always need to be doing the little things to maintain this light we have. 

Love and miss you guys 
Siepre SonreĆ­r :) 

BASKETBALL.......Sorry I didn't send more :(

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