Saturday, December 30, 2017



Brit's House? NAH..haha

So first of all, it was great to see some of you and talk to you guys. 

I'll share some experiences I have had this Christmas. 
We had an activity at the President's house. We had some activities and I got a new Christmas tie. We ate some good food! 

We did some activities also to try to light the world. We baked some cookies with some members and later in the night we went to people's houses and sang Chrismas songs and gave them cookies. It was fun. 
Also, we wrapped about 35 Book of Mormons and gave them to people. We did this in some interesting ways haha. The first is that we went on a bus and announced that we were giving out free gifts. After that we went to a gas station and the people that pulled in to get gas we would give them a book and talk to them. Lastly we simply hit the streets and gave people books. It was a good experience and I just hope these people read the book and call us haha. 


 We also made brownies with a recent convert "Beatriz" it was her first time eating brownies and she loved it! 

Christmas eve we ate pozole and broke a piñata. 
We watched the movie "COCO" and it was super good! 

We had zone conference. Really good. 
We put a baptismal date for Jose de Jesus Sanchez that's 17 for the 6th of January!!!!! super excited for him! 

Love you guys !!! 

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