Monday, December 4, 2017


8 months left!!!!!!

Not too much to say this week. The first week was a little different to get used to my new comp but we are working hard. 
Some crazy guy always yells at us in the street saying "Iglesia Iglesia!!!!" , which means church, over and over again. We contacted a girl that wanted me to come back for her after the mission haha, she is crazy. We got offered weed like a thousand times this last week. This stuff is pretty normal but it was a crazy first week with my new companion. 

We have some solid investigators but a lot of the ones that want to get baptized can't go to church until January so that is tough. We are teaching a lot of prepared people! 

Fernando, one of the recent converts blessed the sacrament the first time this week! He messed up a few times but he was super excited for that opportunity. It's awesome seeing the converts progess so well in the gospel. 

I hope all of you can feel the Christmas spirit. I can even here away from family ha. #lighttheworld 
Love all of you 
siempre sonreĆ­r :) 


 There was an Elder that came back from his mission...I knew him as a Missionary

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