Monday, March 19, 2018


Ya Estoy en Trío

Hello Family, 

Well to start out I will tell you the news that Elder Smith went home and I am now in a trio with some other Elders. 
They are from the area of Tenayuca which is right next to my area. Their names are Elder Brower from Utah and also Elder Hernandez from Acapulco, Mexico. They are good Elders. We are working hard together but it is a little difficult because now we have 2 areas to work in. This will only last for another 2 weeks until transfers. 

We have found some really prepared people this week. One listened to the missionaries like 20 years ago and now is super interested in our message. 

This last Sunday I also had to give a talk haha. It was about missionary work. I talked for about 20 minutes. Giving talks in Spanish is a lot easier, I'm scared for my homecoming talk haha. 

Also we are going to have a zone conference tomorrow and Elder Humpiri and I prepared a class for it. It is going to be very good... I hope... ha. But it is about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ Blesses and unifies familias. I came up with a cool actividad to do with it. 

We had a lesson with a very interesting person the other day. When we went to go look for him he was hiding from us because he was drinking but one of his friends ratted him out haha so we went to his house to talk. He was not drunk, he was on his first beer but he kept talking in English to us. At the end he said that he wants to go to church with us so we will see how that goes. 

Love all of you!! 
Siempre Sonreír :) 
The Gospel is a Gospel of Joy, Enjoy it.  

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