Monday, March 5, 2018


Me falta 5 meses

This week the zone leaders had to give the district meeting classes. It was pretty good. It was that repentance has everything to do with what we do. 

We had a lesson with Blanca this week and we taught the whole rest of the restoration and I recited the first vision (without reading nor looking at, looking her in the the eyes) and the spirit was so strong in that moment. We later explained the Book of Mormon and says that it makes so much sense and that she is going to read it. Cool experience. 

We had a lesson with "new investigators" turns out that they were baptized 13 years ago and just way inactive haha they said it at the very end of the lesson and caught us off guard. 

I guess this ward was having problems before I got here so that is going to be hard to deal with but I will try to help them. 

My companion is probably going to go home for depression so don't be surprised to see me in a trio next week. 

love all of you!!! 
Siempre Sonríen:) 

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