Monday, April 9, 2018


Happy Birthday MOM!

Just to say Happy Birthday to the coolest mom EVER again haha. 
Super crazy that Colt is now home! Still can't believe it!  

Anyways, Elder Hernandez and I are working well together. We are finding some good people to teach. We passed Flor to the other Elders because she moved houses.... but she is going to be baptized this Saturday! I can't wait to go to it! 
We found a guy that has listened to the missionaries before and he knows more than the members about the gospel I swear haha. He wants to be baptized but he is not married. There are a lot of cases like that in Mexico. It's just normal not to get married even if they have like 5 kids together. 

We met a guy that plays guitar super well! He has a cool story. He plays in a band also. 

We went bowling today, first time in the mission. I did alright. My arm kinda hurts but it's all good haha. 

That's about it. Miss and Love all of you 
Siempe Sonreír :) 
Sea feliz, Sea mormon. 

Sorry no pics this week :(

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