Monday, April 23, 2018


Por fin Jugué Basketball

Hello Family and Friends!! 

This last week has been pretty good. 
We worked really hard this last week but it was weird because we were getting rejected more than usual. It was pretty hard but we ended up getting a lot of referrals so that's great that God can see our effort we are putting in and gave us these people. 

We have been teaching Carlos Romo. He wants to be baptized but is not married. We fasted for him and his "wife" so that she could understand that they should get married. She did not want to get married before, but we talked to her and now she is thinking about it a little more. I know that fasting really works no doubt. 

I played..... finally played basketball again for p day and it was awesome! I forgot how much I love playing. 

We have started English classes and it is working very well! We have found some solid news. 

I got my itinerary. Super crazy how I'll be home soon!! 

Love and miss all of you!!!! 

Sea feliz sea Mormón :) 

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