Monday, May 7, 2018


Conferencia de zona


We had the zone conference this week. It was pretty good. Elder Fleming and I conducted and also we taught a class. 

We are planning an activity with the ward. They are getting a lot more excited about missionary work now so that is good! We have not taught those kids because the house where they live hate us haha but they did go to church again and we set up an appointment with them in another house. 

I have a weird story to tell you guys but maybe I'll just wait til Mother's Day haha. 

We are finding more people that want to be baptized so that is good! 
We have changes next week also but I'm pretty sure I'll stay here. 

I'll save everything else for Mother's Day. Sorry for the boring letter. 

Love all  of you guys!!!!!!!!! 
Sea feliz sea mormon 

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