Monday, May 21, 2018


Ojo gigante

Hey Fam and Friends! This week was pretty good. We started the transfer pretty good. We finally talked with those kids last week. They are super cool! The ward had an activity for Mother's day and the kids preformed. They danced. it was really good. 

If you guys are wanting to know why I put ojo gigante in the title it's because my eye got huge! haha I was in a district meeting and all of a sudden my eye hurt and itched so I went to the restroom and I saw that my eye was huge! super swollen. I don't know why but it happened. You'll see pics haha. 

This should be a really good change in the mission! the ward is super excited and we are hoping to improve this area. especially because the past 2 years the have not had success. 

Love and miss everyone! 
Siempre SonrĂ­en :) 

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