Monday, June 19, 2017


Feliz día de Padre

Happy Father's Day!!! 

In priesthood this Sunday we talked about fathers since it was father's day, and they talked on how fathers should try to be like our Heavenly Father. After they asked us to say something that we are grateful for from our fathers. I just want to say that I am super grateful for the examples that I have had in my life. I am grateful for the work ethic that I have learned and to have dignity in my life. You Dad, have taught me more things than you can think of and probably more than I can think of but one thing that I like is that you taught me that if there is something to be done we do it and that it is possible . Even if it is something that's not as fun we need to man up and do it. I have noticed how that has helped me in my life and especially in my mission. Whether it is spiritual or earthly you have taught me the importance of being diligent. Can't thank you enough for that. You are truly a leader and I hope to have more of your traits as I go on in life. Super grateful for Grandpa also and you 2 have a lot of the same traits that I admire. And I miss the farm a lot hah. 

So this week has been pretty interesting. My new comp has 5 months in the mission and has only 6 weeks in this area so he doesn't know much of it either. But we are working hard. And fun fact is that my comp is 26 years old.  My whole area is a steep hill...ugh 

This week the stake had an activity of " a day in the mission" I had a 17 year old kid with me all day as a comp. It was pretty good. The kid only has 2 months as a member of the church so it was cool to talk to him. 

I am still district leader this change and still doing normal district leader things. 

We talked to a recent convert this week. she was baptized 2 weeks ago, and she is super cool. She said that she has felt a happiness that she has never felt in her whole life and how the best present that she could give someone is the gospel and the happiness it brings to lives of people. 

Other than that its been a normal week.. misss and love you guys a lot.. Remember to do the small things. Alma 37:6-7 
Siempre Sonreír :) 

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