So to start off I'll advise you of the changes I had. So I am staying in my area!! and I am also training again. Also I am still the district leader. 

So I am super happy and blessed to stay in my area.!! We have found a lot of prepared people and should get some baptisms this change! 

I am training Elder Headrick from Bluffdale, Utah. That's right I am going to train a white guy or "gringo" haah he knows the basics of Spanish pretty good but obviously struggling with it still. It is going to be really interesting this change. He is also a giant! haha he is 6 feet 6 inches 230 lbs. He is super good at ball. We get along pretty well also. 

Also the companion that I had before that was wanting to go home, well he is staying in the mission now so that is pretty cool. 

So something that is cool is that an investigator that we found when I first got here finally went to the church! Her name is Myra. We had to stop seeing her for a while but now we are teaching her again. We had a lesson with her this week and she says that she can feel that this church is the true church! That was a good lesson. 

So last week we took a taxi and he was asking us a lot of questions so I contacted him and ends up that he lives in our area! He is what we as missionaries call a golden investigator. He knows nothing about churches and does not have a religion. He understands the things that we are saying and always has good questions. We told him to start praying and the next lesson he told us that he feels a lot better and less in depression. He feels the love that God has for him. He went to the church and he went all 3 hrs and loved it. I can see him progressing a lot. 

That's about all I got but I miss you guys and love you all. 
Siempre sonrías :)