Monday, September 25, 2017



So I will start with the news that everyone wants to know. There was an earthquake in Mexico City. I am good. Our mission was almost not effected from it. I did feel it tho. I had divisions this day and we were contacting in the street when the alarm went off. I felt myself waving back and forth but I thought I was imagining it until I saw a truck moving side to side and the cables moving from power lines. It didn't last very long but since my area is all hill we went up to a spot where we could see the city and we saw a building fall down so that was crazy. Pretty sad what just happened. Everything is normal in my area and the missionary work is the same here. 

So the other big event was our baptism. This day was pretty crazy haha. It was on Brit's b day! and we cleaned the font cuz it was pretty dirty. After we started to fill the font and everything was working good so we left to go to appointments and to do the program for the baptism. So we filled it out good but then the printer wasn't working but when we got it to work again there was no ink! So we had to print it with blue ink and the fotos looked weird. So we showed up later than we wanted but when we got there the water stopped working and the font was not filled up.... so I was super stressed haha but with the help of some people we got buckets and we had to fill up water out side and fill the font up with buckets.... we finally got it and we started the baptism. I had to direct because the mission leader was sick. 

Her name is Beatríz Padilla Labra and when she was in the water (cold) she said that she felt the presence of our Lord with her and that the water felt warm and after the baptism she said that that presence never left her. She is a good convert. 

Love and miss you all soo much. 

Sea feliz sea mormón :)

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