Monday, November 20, 2017


Día de acción de gracias

I hope you guys enjoy Thanksgiving this year. I am really missing some good American food!  

We had the zone conference this week. It was pretty good. The theme was letting people know that they feel the spirit it was really good. 
It was also the stake conference this week. 

We watched a face to face with Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard answered questions to the youth. It was really good and found some answers. 

funny story- we were asking one of the people we teach about the tree in Lehi's vision and we asked him what is the fruit in the vision, and he told us "ummm I don't know an apple" 

This Sunday we went to an appointment with a girl that contacted us in the street because she wanted us to pretty much cast out demons in her house so we told her we would pass by. We didn't cast out demons but we did start teaching them. We taught that the holy ghost does not dwell in impure places. They really do want to make these changes so that they can have the spirit in their lives. She also invited her whole family so we taught like 10 people. But it makes me realize that in order to have the spirit with us we may need to make some changes or take some steps so that the spirit will be able to dwell within us. 

We climbed the hill today and had some good views, mostly pollution but it was good. We went with some investigators. And I am super burnt.. 

Love all of you!!!!!! 
Sea feliz 
Siempre sonreír :) 
matthew 10: 24-27



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