Monday, November 6, 2017


 ¡Día de Muerto!

Hola Fam
So Día de Muerto was alright. We had to return to the house early that day. Some people did give us candy tho! We also ate some pan de muerto and it was pretty really good. 

This week we put about 6 baptismal dates so that is super awesome. It really is a spiritual experience every time some one decides to take this step in their lives. 

We contacted a guy in the street the other day and it was perfect timing! Almost all his family are members but he never wanted to listen to the missionaries but he told us that in these past 2 weeks he has aumented the faith in God and that he feels the need to change his life. Also his grandsons were talking to him outside their house about what they learned in church and in that very moment we contacted him. He was telling us over and over how he knows that God has sent us to him in this moment in his life and that he will do whatever it takes to be on the right path. This was a really good experience. Once again I have seen that God guides us to the people that are prepared for the Gospel. 

This Sunday Fernando our recent convert received the priesthood! 

Love and miss you guys! 
Sea mormon sea feliz :)

Alma 30: 43-44
MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME.......I'm a luchador



pan de muerto


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