Monday, November 14, 2016


¡Hola familia!
So Today was transfers or cambios and I am staying in the same area with the same companion. 
So my Spanish gets a little better every week but I just cant wait til I can understand everything. We have a couple new investigators so that's awesome! The one hermana.. I forgot her name... but she is awesome! she is only about 28 mas o menos. But she was willing to let us in her house and talk to her. She read the pamphlet that we gave her in the street and she had questions and everything! She was about the perfect investigator to teach and she was really interested the whole time and she wants us to come back. The only thing that's not good is that we cant visit her this week because she is really busy with work. The other investigator lives in the dangerous place that I mentioned before haha so we had one lesson but is hard because her hearing is bad and she can't read so that makes it really difficult. 
We had a meeting with the president this week to see how the first 6 weeks was going for us. I saw my buds from the ccm so that's awesome. After, we had a service project and we painted. 
So we had flautas for dinner with the family that I live with and they were talking about how the house is haunted and how they have seen weird things in the house. so I live in a haunted house haha. 
Oh and we played basketball last p day I forgot to mention it but I wrecked.... and that
So Hermana Andrade made me another agenda so that's really awesome of her! She also left me a note. it says ..
"It was very good to know you. Thanks for your friendship. We will always be good friends. Thanks for the blessing you gave me. I know that you gave me it under the influence of the spirit. That helped me strengthen my testimony on the power of the Priesthood. You are a worthy missionary, stay how you are and you will bless many people. You will always be great and choose the right. You will always have a true friend in me. 
Sincerely, Hna Andrade.. Lima Peru 
That was a really nice note haha. I am glad the I can be a good example of the Priesthood. 
Happy Birthday Lytton!! esta viejo haha you are old. 
Hope you enjoy your time in Ohio . Pray for peace. And don't worry I will be safe I have the lord on my side and the spirit at my side. And just do whatever in the package. And the tacos are super good here haha I'm glad that grandma could experience that. I eat that at least once a week haha. and go cowboys! of course they are doing good when I can't watch them! 
That's all I think. Love and miss everyone ! Siempre Sonreìr :) 
Alma 32: 28- 43 all the verses haha and its about faith 
Love Elder Bastian de Mèxico <3 

the agenda and now the translation.. haha the blue first one says " we will always be brave and we will be prepared to defend what we believe" - President Thomas S. Monson 
the one with amor says .. " Amazes me the love that Jesus gives me" and the long one is 1 nephi 17:13 

They all say go Trump!!

My friends from the CCM

Service project

All of the agenda books are explained above in letter

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