Monday, November 7, 2016


Hola mi familia y amigos
I don't have that much time this week to write but I'll try to tell you guys what all has happened this week. 
So as I say every week, my Spanish is getting better. Our investigators are struggling and we are going to have to change the baptism dates so that is rough. But, we were contacting and there is this little corner with like 30 small house all in there and we have 2 new contacts and a possibility to teach English to the kids there so we will see about that. People said that it is dangerous there tho.. 

So on Halloween we were walking in the streets and it started to pour down rain so we went to the mission leaders house and we were soaked so he let us change into his clothes haha. And he kept calling me boy scout that night and you will see why in the photo. So I guess you can say I was a boy scout for Halloween haha. 

Happy Halloween!

The following day was dia de muertos and we had to be in the casa by 7 so we watched a church movie, the pequeño biblia en español haha. and we had pop corn (with hot sauce) haha and that's actually really good. Oh and we had pan de muerto and that was pretty good. 

Sunday was fast Sunday so I beared my testimonio at church and I talked for probably like 3 minutes so I guess my Spanish is getting better. And I could've talked longer but I only said what I felt like I needed to say. 

That is pretty much my week. And what is the name of my blog? 
Miss and love you guys like crazy. I know that families are forever and I know that you will be able to see her again and I know it's hard right now but you just need to endure through it and know that there are better things to come and can look forward to seeing her again. She will be better off up there. Preseverà . 1 corinthians 15:20-22 alma 40:23 
Love, Elder Bastian de Mèxico  

Feeling fresh with my new hairdo/cut

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