Monday, November 21, 2016



Hola familia! 

So this week will be 3 months for me. It is weird how fast and slow it is going at the same time! So I'll start with the investigators. We have a new Investigator, Her name is Celenia I think haha and she was so surprised of all of our answers and she was saying " oh ya that makes sense" haha so that's cool. Estanisloa is getting baptized this week! We asked him questions to see if he is really ready to get baptized .. and he is. is really cool to see when someone is truly ready to get baptized. We asked him who he wanted to do the ordinance and he chose me haha not really sure why but that's cool it will be my first baptism. The president said he would rather have someone in the ward do it so we will see. 
We had a companion exchange this week and I was with Elder Caroca and he is really cool and he is from Idaho so it was nice speaking English haha. It helped me a lot because he taught me phrases and words that are not in the dictionary. 
This week we went to an older hermanas house and we gave the sacrament to her and I blessed it in Spanish for the first time so that was a good experience. 
Oh and today we went to go eat but we didn't have a lot of money so when we were ordering this family that is in our ward but they are inactive paid for us and we talked to them for a little bit. We are eating at their house on Thursday so that is really cool and they are really nice. 
Not doing anything for thanksgiving so that's kinda a bummer but ni modo.. that means oh well. I am going to miss the food so much on thanksgiving!! I think that is what I miss the most food wise is a nice thanksgiving dinner. Try to have fun without me. 
We are also moving houses this week because she raised the price. 
That is pretty much all. But have a good thanksgiving week.. there is a lot to be thankful for!! 
That's good that everything went well this week for you. Tell Elder Ramirez that he better find me haha and that I might be in a different area when he gets home. 
Love and miss you all a lot! <3 Alma 30:43-44 

Elder Bastian de México 

Siempre Sonreír (always smile)

I didn't take any pics this week but had to give my mom at least a selfie!

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