Monday, December 12, 2016


El Espíritu de Navidad
¡Hola Familia! 

I don't have a lot to talk about this week but I'll make it good and short. 
I am getting over my sickness so that's good. We changed into the bigger room this week and it is way better! I like it . We probably have one of the nicest homes out of all the missionaries in my mission. I had Tabasco sauce this week and its not spicy at all haha so I'm getting used to spicy foods. Oh and a cool thing is that I can read in Spanish almost as fast as I can in English and understand it... this is only in preach my gospel haha but still I thought that was pretty cool. 
Study Area

My sleeping quarters

Not too bad, it doesn't have mold everywhere like the last place

Our Kitchen

Mi casa

So we had another baptism this week. It was for Sergio and everything went good. He was way prepared to be baptized and way easy to teach. 

So cool story time.. Last week I was on splits and found a new investigator and this week we taught her. Her name is Rut. She kinda reminds me of you mom haha. But we didn't know what to teach her so I was just asking questions to past time until we thought of something. My comp just asked her if she was a member and she said no.. and not only no .. she said that she respects our religion and that she is Catholic and how she thought it was rude how we go around telling people that they need to be baptized and how she was born Catholic and she didn't want to change the person that she was. She just went off haha. But as she was talking I was thinking about what I should say. A thought came to my head of what I should say and I knew I had to say it but I didn't know when the timing was right. So I said to myself that I will wait until I felt the spirit. So my comp shared a scripture and after he explained it I started talking and I won't tell you everything I said because it is very long haha but pretty much I said that as missionaries all we do is help teach and invite people and how she has a good testimony of her church and we weren't asking her to change but to only have her testimony grow and that we can share our message with her and she can pray about it and make the decision for herself. And there is more but ya that's the most of it and I felt like that is what she needed to hear and she said that she was going to pray about it so that was an awesome experience! And I know that the spirit is really the teacher not me haha. 

That's about it but I miss and love all you guys!! Mosiah 24. 14 - 15 
Love, Elder Bastian de Ciudad de México 
<3 Siempre Sonreír :D
Me and my comp eating biscuits and hot chocolate

MOM: Can you not use the stove? Or do they just really like plastic wrap there? haha
ME: We can't use it haha we have a small electric one 
Are you driving my car?
MOM: I haven't the last couple weeks but we are planning on keeping it running
ME: OK because I don't want mice in it and when you listen to my sound system don't blast it at first if it hasn't been ran 
MOM: I'm not running your sound system. I don't wanna ruin it. And I will put traps out there in your car for when we aren't driving it. And are you really feeling better?
ME: Well listen to it quiet haha it needs to be ran a little bit and ok sounds good .. and ya it was only a head cold and it's getting better .. 
MOM: Ok I will listen softly and speed in the car! And glad only head cold and not throwing up...eww
ME: haha just don't crash haha and ya that would be horrible haha 
MOM: I won't speed in your car silly. Now I can't speak for dad haha
ME: haha I'm the only one that can drive that car to its full potential haha 
MOM: I agree with you on that one!!!
ME: o man I miss driving so much haha all I do is walk 


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