Monday, December 5, 2016


Just a pretty typical week for me. I changed houses but I am living in a small room for now because there are people in the room that we should be in. They are moving out this week tho so that's good. And the baptism this Saturday for Ricardo might be delayed. We are not sure tho haha we need to have another sita con el appointment with him. BUT.. we are for sure having a baptism for Sergio haha a new investigator since last week. He moved here from Canada and he had lessons with the missionaries there and also with us now and he is ready so that's really nice and he has no problems with the commitments or anything so it was pretty easy to have a baptism for him haha. Oh and he does not speak English if you were wondering. 

We had splits again this week and I stayed in my area with Elder Arteaga. I was in charge and had to do all the lessons and who to visit and everything and I like that. I found a new investigator and also an address. So prettty successful. 

We watched a Christmas Devotional from the First Presidency and that was really good. They talked about Jesus and his life and everything that he did for us and they also talked about the gift of the Holy Spirit. It was in Spanish but I understood most of it I think haha. 

Other than all that not much has happened. I'll tell you some random stuff tho. The new hermana that we are living with had a kitten and she named it Hillary haha 
A girl was selling cupcakes and said that she would kiss me if I bought one.. I didn't buy one haha 
And I am getting sick which is no fun but it's only a head cold don't worry... and I have some Mexican drugs haha. 
I saw Elder Paul today and we shared some stories and talked for a little. 

That's awesome that you sent that package!! I'll be looking forward to getting it!! It was really expensive tho you didn't have to. 
I wish I would've been there for the blessing. All my cousins are going to be old when I get back. 

Love and miss you all! Get in the Christmas Spirit and remember the real reason of Christmas and watch Ilumina el mundo on youtube and also sigue el ejemplo de jesucristo.. the Christmas one. They are good. 

Mathew 5: 14-16 
Siempre Sonreír :)
Love, Elder Bastian de Ciudad de México 

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