Tuesday, December 27, 2016


¡¡¡¡¡¡¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!

This won't be to long since I got to talk to you guys yesterday so just some stories of my week. 
I bought 7 boxes of Hershey kisses and gave one away every day the week before Christmas. It was awesome and I just put it under their tree without them seeing so that it would be more of a surprise.

We saw one family(Dorantes) again and they were super grateful and they gave us candy and bought us socks haha so that was a fast blessing of charity haha. 

We had a Christmas activity at the house of the President and there were about 53 people there so it was packed haha. We had silly games, ate some really, really good food "American" turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, salad and more oh and pumpkin pie and chocolate pie .. it was soooo goood it reminded me of some good home cookin. Mom and Grandma haha. I ate soo much, afterwards we had a piñata and did the white elephant present exchange, and then that was about it but it was pretty fun. 
We made plastic ties for our Christmas party as a White Elephant Gift.. We are showing them off!!!

I got to watch a movie!! Buscando dory! Finding dory. It was good and I understood most of it. After we played hacky and basketball. 
I had a talk on Sunday and it went pretty good it was 10 min, and about love and charity and how we can light the world with these attributes. John 3: 16
I got to talk to you guys!!! It was nice seeing you guys!!! Best gift of Christmas that I got here in Mexico haha. 
Oh and I'm staying in my area but I'm getting a new companion .. Elder Mozombite from Peru. He is really cool and we talked a lot before. We both just finished our training. We are having transfers tomorrow
So before I even knew who my new companion would be....We already bonded and were taking selfies...
Welcome Elder Mozombite!!!!

Love and miss you guys!! 
Siempre Sonreìr :)

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