Monday, December 19, 2016


So this is my last week of my training and the transfers are on the 26 of December. Most likely I am getting a new companion but who knows. I will know when I get to talk to you guys Sunday! It's crazy that my training is almost over but I'm ready I believe.

So the area Politecnico had a Christmas dinner on Saturday. It was pretty good we had 2 families of investigators come and some inactives. They had videos about Jesus´s birth and some musical numbers and after the dinner. The investigators were the Dorante's family and Andrea and her mom Isabel and their kids. Their kids are crazy haha and they always wanted to be with us and one little girl would always look at me and smile and act all depressed haha it was kinda funny. They had ponche there and it is really good. It's like a bunch of fruit juice together with apple slices and a stick of sugar cane and it's all hot. 
At the Christmas dinner a family that isn't in our ward ,but her mom is , were there and we had dinner last Sunday and it was really fun talking with them and they like to joke around. Anyways, they were there and they said that they enjoyed last week and want to have dinner again with us and they really like me for some reason haha. 

We have a Christmas party this week at the President's house so that should be fun and on Sunday we are going to use the computer of a member to talk to you guys. I will be talking around 1 ish my time because church ends at 12.30 .. o and I have to give a talk this Sunday also about Christmas. 
Alma 60:23 

That's about it. Love and miss you guys! Get in the Christmas spirit and remember the best gift that God has given us (Jesus). 

Siempre Sonreír :) 
Love, Elder Bastian de Ciudad de México 

Youngest daughter's birthday party @ The Dorante's house!

Making a wish


J/K Mom, I will use my manners (this time..haha)

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