Monday, October 2, 2017


Conferencia General

Hey fam! sounds like everyone has a a pretty good week! 

So to start off, my comp and I have been starting to work in a different section a little in our area. We were walking down a street and we passed a car when all of a sudden I heard growling and then this dog came out barking. This Happens often so we just kept going. When we got quite a ways away this dog searched for us with 2 other dogs and wanted to kill us! We were kinda trapped because there were cars on one side and dogs on the other. We finally crossed the street and ran away. 

General Conference was amazing!! I expect you guys watched it. 

After, we had a lesson with a mother and daughter and their story is crazy. They are living in the city because her daughter has to have treatment for cancer and so they have little money. she lives in Oaxaca which is where there were 2 big earthquakes and all of her family lives their including her 2 year old daughter. Even with all of these things in her life she has a lot of faith and a good attitude. 

Im turning 20 this week!!! pretty crazy!!  and thanks for all the birthday wishes! 

Rootbeer floats with members
 First Mountain Dew in 13 months!

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