Monday, October 30, 2017


Happy Halloween!


So I finally bought a camera! I bought it in a pawn shop haha. but everything there is pretty cheap. I bought this camera for 21 dollars or 385 pesos. (Yes I broke my other one a couple weeks ago...oops)

We had a lesson with a family that have been investigators for awhile and we had a lesson about plans and goals. Little different of what we do but it was a really good lesson. Think about the goals you have and come up with a plan to achieve it. Also more than anything think about Gods goal that he has for us and if we are following this plan. 

I had to give a district class this week like always but one of the topics is, What's better, the pain of discipline or of repentance? Discipline is necessary in order to improve and learn but we need to have also the obedience and diligence to the commandments of God. We will come to know that discipline is better than the pain of repentance. 

We were contacting in an area where we usaully do not contact and we knocked on this random door and it ended up being some inactive members and they were super excited to see us and they are wanting to return to the church. Crazy how God puts you in the right places in the right time. 

Love and miss all of you!! 
Sea feliz :) 
D&C 105: 6 

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