Monday, June 4, 2018


Missing football

hey everyone! 

So today we played some American football so that was really fun! And after we ate at Costco! I felt like I was in the US for a little bit haha. 

This week has been pretty good. Finding a lot of people that want to progress in the gospel and as always a lot of people that don't want to. 

Being an ejemplo is very important. For some reason we contacted a lot of people that were members or people that know members that say that they will never join the church because of certain people they know that are members that do things that they shouldn't. So that made it a little more hard on us haha. 

Always remember that there are 2 parts of faith. To believe and to act. We need both to accomplish the things we want to. We had to teach that as Zone leaders. We can't just act in vane. We need to believe and also we can't just believe we need to act. 

We've seen a lot more borrachos lately . 

Love everyone 
Siempre Sonríen :)

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