Monday, October 10, 2016


There is so much to tell you guys!! It's so crazy here in Mexico haha. SO let's start off with the language ... I can barely understand anything so I mostly just sit around and follow my companion around haha but it is getting better and better everyday.
So we walk soooo much everyday! haha I think I'm losing weight and plus I work out almost every morning now. The food is soooo good mostly haha. One family made me eat a pepper and it was the spiciest thing that has ever been in my mouth! I tried to act like it didn't bother me and then my eyes were watering and my stomach starting making weird noises and I was coughing a little haha. Good thing I had some water with me. My light in my bathroom still doesn't work so its just dark all the time in there haha. 

So my Zone is really cool. Some speak a little English and there are 4 other Americans in my zone. We had a service project and we had to get like a whole dump truck load of dirt by just using just shovels and buckets. It was hard work but it was fun and they fed us good food after. "Gorditas" 
So My birthday was an eventful day. We went to the temple and that's always a good experience. We also just did normal stuff and then Hermana Lobato , the girl we live with, gave me some pizza and baked me a chocolate cake. 

We Have been contacting a lot because we don't have a lot of investigators. I know how to do it in Spanish now so that's cool. Most people don't want anything to do with us. But this one dirty looking guy we were talking to was interested and we gave him a folleto or I mean pamphlet and we left. We went the wrong way so when we came back he was reading the pamphlet on the side f the calle or street. So that was a good experience. 
I made hamburgers for Elder Olivarez to show him American food haha. 


So.... I already went to my first baptism haha. I never taught her but it was still a good experience. During the program me and my companion sang the "First prayer" in front of everyone and then I recited the first vision so that was kinda cool. 
Hermana Beatriz (In the middle)
So Sunday.. It was testimony so I gave a short one. And during class there was a 15 year old girl that was from Canada eh, and so they had me translate. I did alright haha . Oh and it was Hermana Lobato's birthday so I went to say happy birthday but I said Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas) instead of saying Feliz Cumpliaños ( happy birthday) so that was really embarrassing haha and Elder Olivarez just made fun of me the whole night haah. 
I cant send pics because the computer is dumb.. and I wish I could be hunting today!! and I miss the cold weather. I hope you all are doing well. LOVE and miss you guys 
- Elder Trevor Bastian 

***Back and Forth while online the same time***  Extra info...
MOM:  Go buy you a light bulb so you have light in your bathroom!
ME:  It's the wires not the bulb haha but they said they were going to get it fixed

MOM:  So are you doing ok? Like the area you are in?
ME:  Ya I'm doing good!! Just frustrating with the language.... I want to communicate with people!! and ya the people are nice 

MOM: You are doing great with your letters and love all the pics   (delayed email sent)
ME:  Thanks! Did you get the pics? and the one in the middle got baptized ( Hermana Beatriz)

@CCM-MTC When it rained a bunch and we played Frisbee golf ....soaked!

CCM Haircut

Show some "Love"....Gonna miss him!
Got me some Frosted Flakes...YES

New backpack for my long walks

Some of the items I bought so far

The rest of my castle!

My study area

Sleeping quarters (Hope my companion doesn't snore :/

Talk to you ALL next Monday!! Have a GREAT week and do awesome things!

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