Tuesday, October 4, 2016


So I have a lot of stuff to talk about and a short period of time so I'll try to get everything. 

So starting on last p day... haha We played basketball and wrecked everyone to keep it short and then we challenged another district to a volleyball match and we dominated. I had some really good spikes and I was stuffing people left and right. After that Elder Lloyd and I played some ultimate Frisbee with another district and while we were playing it started to down pour with rain and we kept playing it was way fun. It was a pretty active day 
haha and I was worn out after that. 

I got my package!!! That was so awesome!! The brownies were soooooo good! And the creme soda also. It was a good birthday present. Definitely the best one I got this year haha. Oh and I saw Elder Morris . Or Levi Morris .. That was pretty cool .. I didn't get a pic because I didn't have my camera. 

Now Saturday and Sunday.. I watched general conference both days like all day haha and I won't give you any quotes because there are just way too many and all of you should've watched anyways ;) But after Conference, we gave blessing to everyone since we were leaving the next day. I gave Elder Lloyd one and that was pretty crazy haha. The spirit was strong and that was my first one so I was pretty nervous. OH and lets back up a little .... so for lunch that day I think they were serving roadkill enchiladas haha they were gross, and I think I got food poisoning because I felt super sick after that and after conference while other people were doing their blessings I puked in the bathroom haha and when I got back it was time for dinner.. I didn't eat dinner.. and my stomach was killing the whole time. So after dinner it was our turn for blessings so like I said I gave Elder Lloyd one and then after he gave me one. And they decided to give me a blessing for my health also .. so they had to use the oil. When they were giving me my blessing I didn't feel my stomach at all . and then after I hurt a little but not as bad. But by the end of the night I felt better so that blessing worked. Definitely a testimony builder haha. So also that night we watched the video called "Just a stone mason" I think but it's a way good video. We also watched How to have faith in Christ or something like that but that was way good. And then that night we packed and stayed up pretty late.. 

Ok now the moment you guys have been waiting for.. So Monday morning ... I only got 3 1/2 hrs of sleep so that sucked and then the mission president picked us up and we went to his house only like 30 minutes away with traffic. And then we had breakfast there and had interviews with the mission president and then had classes. And finally we got our new companions.. His name is Elder Olivarez he is from Poeitp Valloita Jalisco Mexico I think. And he knows little English and I know little Spanish so it's a little difficult for both of us. After that we ate lunch and went to our area only 5 min away. The area is the Politcnico/ Linda Vista Stake. We live in the house or more like apartment slash house of a member and we have a pretty big room with our own bathroom. And the bathroom light doesn't work and I took a cold shower in the dark haha. We then walked the whole area and talked to some members on the way. It is hard to understand them haha they talk so fast. Way faster than in the CCM.. And I was super tired the whole time. And then when we finally got back I unpacked. That was about it for that day and then today I worked out.. studied for like 5 hrs and then went shopping for food and supplies. I got a new backpack because my shoulder bag was killing my shoulder. After that we ate at Burger King!! that was way good . My first fast food in 6 weeks haha. We are now at a members house emailing and we also ate some really good pizza. 

There is probably more I can tell you but I have to go soon .. I love and miss you guys soo much . Buenos suerte and hasta luego 

Elder Trevor Bastian 

Welcome to my first area of my mission!

Elder Olivarez and me at Burger King

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