Monday, October 31, 2016



This has been a progressing week for me. My Spanish gets better every week and I am teaching a lot more in lessons. I am starting to understand more also. I can kinda communicate with the Latinos now haha.
So investigators... We taught Hermano Estanislao and the importance of the sacrament and I taught a lot about that but then he didn't go to church so that was a bummer. We have a new investigator. His name is Hermano Ricardo and it is the Hermana that we live with it's her daughters boyfriend I think haha but he pretty much just said that he wanted to get baptized so that's way cool! haha so we are going to be teaching and getting him prepared for baptism. Hermano Victor.. haha he didn't show up for our lesson but he came to church but he is still going to the catholic church as well. He said he was baptized 22 years ago but we checked his records and there are no records. So when he is ready he will have to be baptized. 
The weather here as been pretty chilly I actually had to put on a jacket. It is raining right now too haha. 
So cool story. I was having a meeting with the mission leader and he said that I was the first gringo that smiled all the time so that's good! 
So that mission conference was good. It went from 8:30 to 3:30 so pretty long haha but I did have 
to end up talking. It went good and everyone said I did really good. I saw Elder Paul from my district from the CCM so that was cool to talk to him. Oh and before the conference I was helping the Latinos with their English talks haha. 
At church I had to pass sacrament because there was no one else that could... 
Today I ate at pizza hut with Elder Scott also from my district from the CCM so that was really nice to talk to him. 
Anyways that's my week. Your hair looks good!

**Mom said:  With the missionaries here, like I told you before Elder Ramirez from Mexico City and Elder Reeve from Texas puts hot sauce on EVERYTHING....even popcorn.....***
And ya they put hot sauce on everything here haha but I am used to it and I like it.

**Trevor's Grandma fed the missionaries this past Friday and had Hawaiian haystacks with homemade gravy, YUM***
Hawaiian haystacks look sooo good haha I want them.

Elder Ramirez had given me (mom) a name of a family he knows from his hometown for Trevor to look up***
And .... I'm in the Lindavista stake!!!! And my ward is politecnico but I think another ward because I don't know a Ramos family .. and I looked at a board of missionaries and he isn't on there so idk.. That's about it. 
**Did you dress up for Halloween? Or go to the parade there for "Day of the Dead"?**

No I didn't dress up unless you count being a missionary and did not watch the parade

**Colt said he was an FBI agent with his black pants and black tie**

Ya I saw hahaha I wasn't that clever....hahaha
Anyways keep being strong and I love and miss you!! That's good that you are still going to church I'm proud of you and I know it will make a difference in your life. (side note: Mom didn't make it to church this last Sunday but glad he is proud) oh and you should send all my pics that I've sent you and some on my phone to my google drive.. you have my info. 
Mosiah 29:20 
Love , <3  
Elder Bastian 2 

Halloween Decorations

Happy Halloween from your Elders

Sorry not sorry Colt....(I took your sweater...didn't think you would miss it in your 100 degree weather)

Glad I brought a sweater....It's a little chilly tonight!

Me and Elder Scott

One of my Elder friends from CCM

My talk in Spanish for the first time

The first real breakfast made vs cereal

Elder Paul from CCM and I at the conderencia

Helping the Hermanas with their English talk

The really nice house I talked about in one of my letters before, love visiting here

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