Monday, October 17, 2016


Mi español es mejor esta semana. No puedo entender o hablar mucho pero me gusta mi misión aquí en Ciudad de México. Oh wait you guys don't know Spanish haha . My Spanish-ing is better this week. I can't understand or speak a lot but I like it here in Mexico City. This week is frustrating because I can finally kinda understand people but I don't know enough Spanish yet to say everything I want to say... and I want to say a lot haha but esta bien.. or (its good) haha   . My companion and I are getting along prettty good but he gets annoying sometimes but everyone does I guess. It's still hard to communicate with him but it's getting easier. Me and him starting working out together in the mornings. He is training in martial arts so it gets pretty intense haha. I walk so much everyday and I sweat a bunch haha. 
So last week when I was doing my laundry it made my clothes dirtier I swear haha. The Hermana that we live with has 24 cats!!! Mucho Gatos!!! haha and like 12 dogs.. all on her roof where we do laundry. And she doesn't have a working dryer so we have to hang our clothes on a line with clothes pins. 
The streets are pretty crazy here too. I saw this guy smash all the mirrors and doors of a semi haha while the driver was in it and they tried to pull him out but he drove off. ewww and there are a lot of gays here haha it's weird. 
We had a service project that we ended up not doing but while we were waiting some of the zone bought spicy chips and we all passed it around and took turns haha .. it was really spicy but I hung in there.. and that wasn't even the worst part! One of the Elders bought a chili or pepper.. and we all took a bite of it and it was super picante! spicy! So I ran to the nearest store and bought ice cream. 
It's going pretty good with our investigators. We have a baptismal date for Hermano Estanisloa on November 27th .. he wants to prepare himself that is why the date is so far back. also the Durantes familia went to church with us and only one daughter is a member. Hermana Beatriz is still going strong! We have a couple new investigators.. one we actually met at church and he was in dirty clothes but he was wanting to become closer to God. So we set an appointment and it was actually today right before emailing.. I talked quite a bit.. or more than usual.. I explained the plan of salvation and Ether 12:27 because he said he was going through hard times and then I beared a pretty good testimony to him. I could tell he was feeling the spirit so that was a neat experience. 
Victor Rocha Cruz 
Apartado Postal 118-184 
07051 CUAHTEMOC, Distrito Federal 
Victor Rocha Cruz 
Apartado Postal 118-184 
07051 CUAHTEMOC, Distrito Federal México

That's about all I think but anyways Love and miss all of you!! and.... 

Happy early Birthday Grandma!! Love you and everything you do .. you are awesome.. 
- Elder Trevor Bastian 

Sign of my birthday!

Mexico City