Monday, October 24, 2016

WEEK 9 - 2 months

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,
So just some random stuff to get out of the way. The fruit in Mexico is so much better here! mas fresco ( more fresh) especially the piña!! I never really liked it that much before but now I love it. We had 2 service projects this week. One of them we took stuff out of a room with sooo much stuff in it and cleaned the floor and put everything back haha. The other one is that we painted the capilla in the church or chapel.. sorry . and we painted it more white. Oh I saw a guy on a motorcycle get hit by a car.. he was alright haha but loco huh haha G pa Stacy would not want to ride in this city. 
My Spanish is getting better and I'm able to understand more. I have been teaching a lot more in lessons and I'm really good at sharing my testimony haha. No but for real that is by favorite part is testifying the truth to people and feeling the spirit. We do a lot of contacting and going to inactive members houses but people never want to listen to us and the people are "never there" haha so we do a lot of walking. We have about 6 investigators tho. Hermano Estanislao has a baptism date but he didn't go to church so that's a bummer. Victor went to the Catholic church after our church haha. and the others we haven't talked to very much. 
So cool story.. so at our zone meeting the Hispanics work on their English and the gringos help them. I help Hermana Aldrade. She is from Peru.. anyways she has a weird medical issue that she can't eat certain foods or else her stomach hurts a lot and she was scared she was going home. So she wanted a blessing and I ended up doing the blessing. I gave it in English haha because I don't know enough Spanish yet. After the blessing or during I guess she starting crying. So a few days later during the service project of painting, we were talking and she thanked me for the blessing and said that she could feel the Holy Ghost really strong. So that made me feel good and made me realize that I have that much power of having the Melchizedek Priesthood. I mean it is the power and authority given to man to act in the name of God. 
So I'm pretty sure I have to give a talk on Thursday because it is mission conference and they always pick the newbies to talk. It has to be in Spanish haha and it's on priesthood authority. I already have most of it written. oh and I'm learning a song in Spanish.. 

Victor Rocha Cruz
Apartado Postal 118-184
Gustavo A. Madero, México D.F.
CP. 07051 

that is the right address..... sooorrryyy unless it's the same one from last week haha 

Anyways sorry Colton for stealing yours but mom rushed me ;) haha but my fav so far is 
Mosiah 2:41 .. 
Well that is all ..Have fun and good luck with your hair.. red lobster sounds pretty good. They don't eat seafood down here. The mountains are looking awesome!! I miss them.. it gets hot here but only like in the 70s or maybe 80s but this week has been nice and has been cloudy and cool so I love that.. all the natives think that it is cold haha .. 
love and miss all of you <3 Alma 13:27-29
- Elder Trevor Bastian 

sick case for my agenda that Hermana Aldrade made me
the cover says " I Choose to be a Hero" " follow the prophet. Prepare to serve in a mission. 
D&C 15:6 and the one with Christ is " The love and the service is what distinguishes us as disciples of Christ"
and the other is go forward in a steadfastness in Christ 

this is with weird settings on my camera haha and the one is just barely takin haha 
Get ready for the selfies that you love!!

MOM CAPTION: How can you not love his smile! Melts my heart

Service project and the one in the pink is Hermana Aldrade.. She is very cool!


  1. I LOVE the selfies! He looks fantastic!!

  2. hey...what is the book he took pics of with his tag?

    1. It was a cover that one of the Hermanas made for him! And thank you for always caring enough to respond to his blog and pics...I LOVE it!!!