Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Happy new years to all!!

So not much has happened. I have a new companion and he is pretty cool I have more fun with him than my other comp. We have 3 new investigators this week so that's exciting. I am also teaching more so that is really good. My comp is from Peru and his accent is pretty strong so it is more difficult to understand him and he also uses a lot of slang words haha. He was baptized only a year and a half ago so that's pretty cool. 
Not really any cool stories but new years was pretty good. We couldn't contact and we only had one appointment so it was a little boring in the house but we woke up at 12 and then went outside on the roof and watched the fireworks for a little. Also that night we ate with Elder and Hermana Cardenas and the are married missionaries that work in the offices. The food was really good.

On Sunday there was only 21 people at the church and it was testimony meeting also so I thought that we would have time to bear our testimonies but the members that were there almost all beared their testimony and it was really strong and spiritual. 

I love and miss all you guys and I hope that you all have a good new year and your resolution should be to get closer to God and Jesus Christ. If we do this our year will be a really good one I promise. 

3 nephi 15; 9 
Siempre Sonreír :)

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