Monday, January 9, 2017


Riot in Mexico

Hola Familia!

Not much is really happening in my mission just the same old working hard and contacting all day. 
So I had divisions with Elder Leon and when we were eating lunch we got a call and they said that we had to go to our house because people were rioting because the price of gas went up. We were far away from the house so the member drove us home. So we just sat in the house all day studying and playing board games. 

It has been different with my new comp but it is good because he is also new and knows no Spanish haha so it forces me to step up which is a good thing. Lessons are good and we get along really well. 

We played basketball today and then futbol or soccer and I am horrible haha but it was really fun. I'm starting to work out again because I am pretty sure I'm getting heavier and weaker haha. 

We have this new investigator that said that he could see people in the pictures of people and faces in the pamphlet that we gave him so that was really interesting haha. He's a challenge for sure. 

We went on a hunt for my Christmas package and it was horrible.... we had to go out of the area and the address was weird so we got half way lost and then when we found a  FedEx office it was the wrong one and they searched on the Internet to see if it was in the other office and it wasn't there so all that for nothing haha ... but.. we have the number now so now we can call and check. 

That's about all but that  is crazy that there is that much snow!! I want to snowboard.. but I'd rather be here. I love and miss you guys a lot and be safe out there. 
Galatians 5: 22 
Siempre SonreĆ­r :)

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