Monday, January 23, 2017


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Hola familia!

This week has been pretty normal. 
Oh except that I received my package! Finally!! haha it was an adventure to get it that's for sure. We went to the airport and it wasn't there..... we got to take the metro so that was pretty cool. I was starting to lose hope but I didn't want to give up so we found out where it was and told them to send it closer to us. A member helped us a lot and I went to the place and got it... I LOVE MY PACKAGE!!!!! it's coool and I really like the pictures....good job and I wanted to open all the cards that g ma sent but I only opened 2 so far haha. It was a good taste of home. 
Our investigators are a little frustrating haha but we have 2 that are progressing really well.
We had a new investigator named Antonio and he didn't believe in God. We talked to him about prayer and the Holy Ghost and challenged him to pray if God exists. . 
We had another appointment with him and he said that he didn't feel anything and didn't receive his answer. I then starting talking about faith and that we need to have faith so that we can receive these answers. I gave him ways that he could show his faith by praying every night and have real intent in his prayer and have a sincere heart and believe that he will receive an answer. We had another appointment with him and he told us that he felt different this time and felt calm and peace in this moment and we explained that he had felt the Holy Ghost and that he received his answer. He now believes in God. This was a really spiritual experience in my mission. We helped an 18 year old kid realize that there is a God. We played basketball with him today and ate lunch with him. He wants to know more also. 

I want to challenge everyone that reads this to pray to see if this Church is really true. Even if you are a member and have a strong testimony I want you to pray sincerely and have faith that you are going to receive an answer to your pray. And I promise that you will receive an answer and feel the spirit and have a really good experience . Moroni 10:4-5 

I love and miss all you guys!! 
Siempre Sonreír :) 
Elder Bastian de Ciudad de México 

My agenda cover I made

ME Cutting the bread of Roscas de Reyes



I forgot to say something haha
We had a service project and it was horrible!! We had to fill sacks with sand that was like 60 lbs and carry it up a super steep hill and stairs!! And there was a lot of sand!! And 8 people so we had to make a lot of trips! It was super hard and took 3 hrs I have pics of this. The view was really cool too 

My Area


My Area

My Area

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