Monday, January 30, 2017


5 months ........ and one week
Hola familia!  
Have fun playing in the snow. I miss it. And also be careful.  
So this week was an interesting one. I puked in the middle of the night and then for three days I had some major pains in my stomach. But the work continued and I am better now.  
We had a video broadcast from Salt Lake and we have changes in the schedule. 7:30 to 11:00 now so that's pretty cool. We also have a little more flexibility also. 
We had Mission conference this week also and my comp had to give a talk in English and it was horrible haha because he knows nothing. Everyone was laughing haha. I also saw Elder Ulrich there so that was pretty cool to see him and we talked a little. It was also a good conference.  
We had service this week just My comp and I and we planted flowers with a knife haha. 
Oh my comp got his "Dear John" letter so that was sad. I had to comfort him 
This is the last week of this change and I am in a trio now with Elder Alonso and Mozombite because his comp went home. So we have 2 areas for 1 week haha. So we moved to a different house for just the week that has 3 beds, but I will be back to my home next week. It's been pretty hard with teaching this week because so many people here never have time. But the spiritual moments that I have in my mission make up for all the hard times for sure. 
 That's about all I have for the week but I love and miss all your guys.  
And I know its late but I want to thank all the people that sent me money for Christmas I know that it will come in handy, and thanks for all the support I have from everyone.  
Siempre Sonreír al pesar en tiempos de dificultades :) 
Love Elder Bastian 
We ate at a nice restaurant and pic with Elder Ulrich:

This is what Mexico thinks of Trump down here......hahaha
This pic was on the wall above where I was writing today! Wish me luck with the wall going up...
Oh Boy

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