Monday, February 6, 2017



So first of all I want to say Happy Birthday Dad! You're Awesome and I use all your advise that you have given me in my mission so good job haha. 

That must have been a crazy game! I wish I could've watched it. I didn't want them to win but ni modo. And all that food sounds amazing haha.
So I was in a trio for this week and it was pretty interesting. We had to live in a different area because they have more beds for us. He didn't have hot water so we had to heat up the water with an electric stove and take bucket showers. It really wasn't that bad. We had to work in both of our areas so it was a little difficult but we managed. I was pretty much the leader and had to make all the decisions of how we would do stuff. 
We celebrated Maggie's birthday and we just ate cake nothing special. 

Sooooooooooo...... changes were this week and I'm changing areas!!!! And I have a new companion. Elder Melchor. He's pretty cool so far but its only been like a half a day with him. It's really hard leaving my area especially that we got a baptism date this week for Margarita!! Elder Mozombite and I found and taught her together. Oh and I'm in stake Cuautepec and in the area Madero 2 or something like that haha. 

The family Dorantes gave me a sweater as a going away gift so that was super nice. 
I'll tell you more about my comp and area next week when I know more. And no pictures this week, this computer doesn't have the right plug in for my camera but will send them next week!

This mission is full of changes and new challenges but that's what makes it a mission right? 3rd Nephi 13:32-34  

I also had a kid that was 18 years and we were teaching him a lot and he is progressing really well. 

I miss you guys a lot and love all of you. 

Siempre Sonreir! :) 

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