Monday, January 29, 2018


El Sacerdocio

Hello Family and Friends, 

Soo this was an alright week, Jesus the recent convert finally received the priesthood so that is good. 

So we had  a leadership council this week and it was really good. It was my first time now that I am a zone leader. We put some really good goals to help the zone out. 

Elder Lloyd and I went to a different zone to get a fridge for a companionship in our zone. We got there alright took out the fridge and the other elders left. We were waiting for our ride and we were hungry and couldn't just leave this fridge by it self so we left it with someone across the street, ate food, and came back and we contacted her. She was interested and really nice. Cool experience. 

Finally got my Christmas package! thanks for the stuff and the Letters! 
not much this week but love you guys!! 
siempre sonreír :) 

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