Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mexico City


Hey I'm alive haha I'm at the Mexico MTC right now and it's really cool! The plane ride was long but it was good talking with the other Elders. The whole plane was pretty much all missionaries. And it's so different in Mexico haha it's crazy! loco! But the p days are on Thursday but not this Thursday next Thursday. And I'm not done doing everything yet. I got my name tag and I know who my companion is but I haven't met him yet haha It's Elder Lloyd. There's a lot to say but not a lot of time so love you guys and I'll email you next week. I'm doing good and I'm enjoying it already even tho I've only been here like 45 minutes haha 
Hasta luego familia!!  

This picture was taken by a flight attendant and said, "I love when we have missionaries on our flights". There were 110 missionaries on that flight (132 total seats) going to Mexico MTC. Trevor is on the left side in the aisle 4 rows from the back of the plane. This is "THE" flight you want to be on to know you are being watched over!! Can't ask for more than that for sure!

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