Sunday, September 18, 2016


This week has gone by pretty fast so I guess that's a good thing. On Sunday it was 9-11 and we sang the National Anthem and it made me realize that I miss America haha. And on Sunday night M. Russell Ballard of the 12 talked live from Provo so that was really cool. There were some quotes that I would like to share with you. "Turn your life over to the Savior" "If you can learn to forget yourself and learn to love God and Jesus Christ, you will have power" and one that you would like Mom .. "Just smile and radiate" It was a good talk. 
And on Tuesday we listened to Quentin L. Cook. And his was extremely focused on missionaries. His main message was "Feed his lambs, feed his sheep. It was also a good talk. 
Anyways this week my district got really into beach volleyball and its super fun!! and we are getting pretty good too. So I'm staying in shape so that's a good thing. I don't think I've gained weight so that's a good sign. 

Speaking of being healthy.. we finally got 3 good meals in a row yesterday! haha it was because it was Mexico's Independence day. They had some weird candy for us too. That night we had a celebration with all the missionaries. It was way cool. They had dancers and singers and videos.. it was a party haha fiesta .. or as close as I will get to a party haha. And sadly I didn't get any pictures but maybe you can search it up or something idk. That's about it of the week. Oh I got a haircut from Elder Gaither haha he's in my district. It looks pretty good. I'll send you a selfie or something.

And I'm good. The CCM is hard but fun at the same time. And I am learning more and more Spanish every day haha And I had a feeling you would send stuff and I wouldn't mind receiving more ;) haha and there is a store but they don't have sport socks but it's not a necessity so I'm fine. OH!!! and I washed my whites today with a stupid pen!! So I ruined some of my clothes .. so that sucks.. but I still have sufficient for my needs. And thanks for those pictures that was awesome!! I like those! And I'm 3 weeks down and 100 left to go haha but who's counting??? ;) also half way done with the CCM.. And this is my favorite time in Idaho and I miss it a lot!! but oh well .. And who won out of the Westside game? 
Well that's about all I can think of right now so ..

hasta luego mi familia! 
Elder Trevor Bastian  

**Mom was able to talk kinda like text and here is some of the question/answers:

Mom:  Dad wanted to know if you have been able to see the Big Dipper and the North Star yet?

Me: I actually thought of that this week!! I forgot it in my email but sadly no haha the pollution and lights are too much so you cant see a lot of stars .. I can see the moon tho.. haha

Mom: And have you and colt been able to email each other? Who else have you heard from?

Me: haha and no not really we haven't had time 

Mom: Are u wanting more doughnuts and if so do you want plain or assorted and how did the chocolate milk taste?

Me: I honestly don't care what you get me .. maybe some pop .. haha like some cream soda if they have any and the milk was a little warm and donuts are good and like maybe chips idk

**I sent him some assorted doughnuts and Hershey's chocolate milk through the site he told me to go to....Mexico Missionary MX

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