Sunday, September 4, 2016


¡Hola madre! I have so much to tell you!! First of all sorry for not emailing yesterday it turns out that my p days are on Friday haha. So anyways the plane ride was pretty long and really warm and it was full of missionaries. When we got off the plane we got on the bus to head to the CCM or MTC.. and we drove through Mexico City which was pretty legit. The city is so crammed and the traffic was crazy. People would be selling stuff like to the cars on the road. They would just have a sign and a basket of things. soooo my apartment is alright. I'm on the 3rd floor which sucks because I have to take the stairs everyday but the view is really cool and I can see over the walls that keep us in haha. But the beds are hard but I'm getting used to it. I have 1 pillow. And the traffic is super loud at night. The first night I was there I saw Elder Marshall so that was sweet! I sat by him and his district at the devotional and he kinda helped me get settled in. The First like 3 days were super overwhelming. The teachers speak Spanish and we were having classes allll day!! And we have to memorize a bunch of stuff in English and Spanish. But the days are getting shorter and my district is pretty awesome. My Companero is cool he is from Alpine, Utah and we work good together. We had to teach our first investigator which was really scary because it had to be all in Spanish. But now it's a lot easier to teach him. Now we have to do 2 investigators so it's getting pretty intense. The weather here is super nice. It rained a lot the first week but now it's not. The food kinda sucks haha. Some of it is really good but most the time it's some weird Mexican food with no flavor. Like we had soggy chips for breakfast with weird tasting sauce on it haha. But I'm still healthy and haven't gotten sick yet. I've been playing basketball most days during gym time. Most everyone I play with are good and are athletes. I dunked so that's  pretty cool. It's True of what they say... if you make it to Sunday you're good. Sunday was really cool and mostly in English so that's good. My testimony has grown so much at the CCM. This church is no doubt the true church and I feel the spirit so much here, I know I wouldn't be able to do this without God and Jesus help. I pray like 20 times a day or more I swear haha. Oh and I'm going to the temple today so that will be a good experience. It'll be interesting doing it in Spanish haha. oh!! and look up missionary package MX you can send me emails through it and they print it off and give it to me that day. And you can get me like donuts or candy and stuff like that. But only when I'm in the CCM. Soo you should do that haha and tell everyone else about it. It'll be nice getting letters. And yes I did see Styrling in the airport that was really cool. And Congrats on the Job DAD !!!! that's  way cool. And that's sweet that Britney found a good job that fast. I hope she likes it there. And Malad sucks haha and for the scripture, I like the one Colton did but I don't want to copy haha  oh and Mi español es muy bien jaja just jokin but it's getting better every day. I can pray in Spanish and give a short testimony in Spanish and I have stuff memorized in Spanish. Anyways, Love all you guys and I miss you all soo much and be strong and always try to be a better you. 
Hasta luego  familia y amigos 
BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!!! THE ELDERS......Trevor and Ammon Marshall

Elder Bastian and Elder Lloyd

The start of it All!!

My fellow companions

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