Friday, September 23, 2016


!Hola! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITNEY!!!!... yesterday haha 

Not a lot has happened this week but I'll tell you all I did. I went to the temple last p day which you saw pics of but I'll tell you more about it . It is about an hour away or maybe a little less. Kinda depends on traffic. The temple is so cool here and I always love the feeling I get while I'm there. It is also super pretty. and I learn something new every time I go. At the temple I bought those rings and also scripture covers for my Spanish set and they look pretty cool. I forgot to get a pic of them tho sorry. 
       On Sunday we watched a talk with David A. Bednar for the devotional night. It was way good! some Quotes that I like are... "Christ turns out and the natural man turns in" "Conversion is getting rid of the natural man" these quotes are so true and the natural man is selfish and only cares about them self. So get rid of the natural man. haha. 
       So this whole week we have been playing volleyball and hacky cada dia .. every day.. it's been super fun and that is a time for us to forget about Spanish and just have fun haha it's been nice. And we challenged another district and just destroyed them.. and we aren't supposed to be competitive but...... Last p day and this p day Elder Lloyd and I have been playing 2 on 2 beach volleyball with Elder Vogrinec and Elder Pihl. and we switch up teams every game and it's almost always even. I'll send some pics of that. 
Elder Pihl, Elder Vogrinec, Elder Lloyd, Me


       Oh and last week we did TRC which not really sure what it stands for but it's when we teach real people from Mexico City that mostly all of them go to church but it was still super cool and they talk a lot faster haha but I understood a lot of it. Her name was Paula or something haha but she just joined the church like 2 years ago so still a little new to it I guess. It was really fun talking and teaching to her and it made me excited to get out of the CCM. 
       Oh and our district name is the Giants because almost everyone is really tall. like elder Scott and elder Paul are 6 foot 4 haha and those 2 are also going to my mission. Everyone in our zone has a name for their district so some examples are like.. beehives , meatheads , the closet , and marshmallows haha they all have a meaning behind it but I don't want to explain all of them. 
       Only 10 days left!! kinda scary but I'm excited. 2 more Sundays. And I leave on October 3. And if anyone wants to send a package it will be greatly appreciated haha. It's like Christmas when someone gets one. And this weekend is the only days you have left to send any because any later than I won't get it because by time it gets here I'll be gone I think. OH and next p day is on a Wednesday so let people know and don't forget!!
       OH !! And how was meeting with those guys and what did you talk about? And that's so cool you are talking at church! You will do awesome and Dad will too I wish I could be there for that. And after this Sunday I challenge you to keep going to church as much as you can because I know that it will be a blessing to you and dad and you will find happiness and joy out of it and your life will get even better. I promise. 
      I think that covers about everything I think . I love and miss everyone and keep being a better you. 
OH and I think you guys will like this scripture  Mosiah 2:41 
hasta luego 
   Elder Trevor Bastian 
Dressing up the worst we could on this P day....miss matched shoes and all.. ha ha

The whole District!
Cool car in the CCM.. ha ha

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