Wednesday, September 28, 2016


This is my last week here at the CCM!! It's pretty crazy that I'll be out of the walls in like 5 days. I'm a little nervous but also way excited!

 So there really isn't much to talk about this week because it's only 
Wednesday haha. BUT I'll tell you how it's been so far this week. So I didn't have TRC this last Saturday for some reason and that kinda sucks because I like talking to real people haha. 

Sunday was pretty good. We fasted a week earlier because it is General Conference this next weekend. We also had a testimony meeting in sacrament. It was a good meeting. I wanted to go up there and bear my testimony but there were too many people up there and not enough time. Oh and I can bear my testimony in Spanish really good now so that's way cool. That night we had a devotional by Jeffrey R. Holland. An old one that we just watched.. It was way good tho. It was pretty much just for missionaries but there was something in it that reminded me of Dad. He said something along the lines of this.. "In sports you always have to look at the other competitors and try to figure out what they are doing or figure out what you need to do to best run the play or stop the play. You can't just run set plays and expect them to work. The same goes with teaching an investigator. You need to figure out their problems and everything about them before you can really start teaching them" that reminded me of Dad because he would always tell me something similar when I was playing sports. 

So our investigator teaching is going really well. It became easier and easier to teach and I use no notes anymore so it's just like talking to someone now. 

One of the districts left yesterday and we were pretty close to a couple of them. They would play volleyball and hacky with us all the time. oh and ya it's hacky sac haha and cada dia means every day.. or literally each day.. anyways their names were Heramana Whitney and Hermana Harker haha don't worry I wasn't flirting with them. They were pretty cool tho. 

Anyways I only have one more day of class this week because Friday we are taking tests and have to listen to a bunch of lessons so that'll be fun haha. and Saturday is General Conference. I can't wait to listen to conference! It'll be the last thing I do before I leave on Monday haha so it's a good way to start the mission out in the field. Anyways I challenge you guys to watch it or at least most of it haha and before you start, have a question in your heart before and I promise that it will get answered and also you will receive guidance and blessings by watching. so that's a pretty easy way to get all these things because all you have to do is sit and look at a TV screen haha. 

And that's awesome that your guys talks went really good!!! I wish I could've beeen there!! And I'm way proud of you guys. So now I think they are used to you guys going to church so now it's weird if you don't go ;) haha but for serious ... And I love the pics you sent me!! Estoy muy agradacido.. (I am very grateful haha) 
Anyways I love all you guys and miss you. 
Hasta luego 
- Elder Trevor Bastian 

I don't know my address yet in the field and no pics today sorry ... I'm getting a haircut tonight haha 

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